Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Long time no post

Not really busy but just lazy and procrastinated until I wont do it anymore. But lots of things happened and currently busy preparing my application for ISB. Lets see how things go and will update more on how my app is coming along.  

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Its been a long time I wrote anything on my blog .. everytime I think about writing something i get lazy and then dont post .. but thought otherwise now and should post something and what best to write than the current India's campaign of World cup to start with ..

WC started really bad for India - lose badly to Bangladesh. Bangladesh always win some games with the top 8 and I just hoped India wouldnt get the axe but apparently India did and it put them in a really bad situation. And as expected people from India went crazy - burning down things etc .. didnt really understand this type of thing from a long time and would never understand at all - why should we do such things - why is cricket a religion in India

But India came back and then what a way to get things going on our way before a crucial match with Srilanka - great batting - ok type bowling - our bowling still has a long way to go before they make a mark but lets see if they pull the things in the match against Srilanka ..

I still think that India will make it to Super 8's

I remember the last WC and I bet much before the WC that India will win the cup - I usually don't do those erratic bets but I somehow thought that India has all that it takes - everyone laughed at me saying "are you crazy" - India came very close - I didn't bet anything this year but I hope that by not betting India could do what I thought they will do in the last time. But first we have work to do :)

Monday, April 17, 2006

Long weekend

Friday - Bloggers party
Good that MBA Cutie arranged for the party as the names are still not attached to the blognames, had to use blog names and the Spice Market people are scratching their head about what I am talking about, then told them any Bloggers around and he told me to go downstairs. I said good that MBA Cutie arranged coz if it is MBA Jackass(no offence please) then they would remove MBA and then take the other part and throw me out of the Market :d before the party started.

Everyone introduced by thier real names, but we quickly want to know the blognames as those are more familiar that the real names.

Then usual chatting about anything and everything. youngin talk, tours. Then we went to the going away party of MBAFormein08's friend. Then slowly one-by-one left.

Overall its a good party.

Went to Saravanaas( Saravana bhavan in NYC). Had to wait for more than an hour to get in. Food was good but mini idlis(famous in this place) are over by that time. A little disappointed but rest of the stuff are good.

Easter Day
Called people out there in India and wished them. Then mails, calling junta in US etc. Prepared food after a long time - Mutton Biryani and Chicken curry. Came out well. Invited a friend, he is busy, so had to eat all alone. Went to "V for Vendetta" movie in IMAX. It was ok but not great. May be should have gone to "Inside Man" but guess that will be next week plan.

I had big plans to study but didn't even touched any book. Guess that happens more often than I wanted.

Plans for this week
- Attend Stern info session.
- Complete a whole lot of work in office. Intial plan was to go live when I am in India, but guess my boss dont want me to miss the fun(read it as late night work/calls/and lot of hungama), so postponed to the end of the month. So I wont miss the music.
- Shopping - had to do a lot of stuff atleast for my sis.
- Cheer for India - we are going to win against Pakistan - cricket.
- Hope/pray that Schumi can be better than what he is doing now.
- Lakers are in Playoffs - atleast they are doing better than what they did last year. Hope they stay at 7th spot and play against Suns rather than get down to 8th and play against Spurs.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Happy Birthday, Dear Me!

Birthday always reminds me a lot of happy moments

School - Just before the bday will do a lot of shopping, less for me and more for my sis(her bday is on 9th Apr). Then cakes, choclates .... In school, we should stand in front of the class/assembly and everyone will sing the bday song. If I remember correctly our school had 5 people, who celebrated bday on this day. Then evening calling some friends to home and then PARTY(first at home and then will go out)!!!!

College - Its a differnt story altogether. We have BUMS tradition and my wing(only my wing) adds SPANKS(even more terrible) to that. After that its hard to sit for sometime and sometimes hard to stand straight. Evening will be party time with lots of food and drinks.

Work(India) - This is where the party extends for more than a day. A party with close friends in office, then with roomies and then with other friends. Office friends - 6 of us, for each bday party, we used to choose one place in Bangalore. Roomies - either in house or pub or dhaba.

Work (US) - No friends close by and last year I told my roomie in my company accomodation(came here recently at that time), that its my bday and took him to dinner. One of my close friend's fly stays in Mas, and went there in the weekend and took them to dinner and then to a TAMIL movie. Ofcourse the good thing is, its Rajani Kanth movie. (Tamil in caps coz I am not from Tamilnadu and no roots absolutely in that place.) Whatever Tamil I can understand is coz of this guy and others in my office. I spent good 4 years in Chennai(undergrad), but I picked up very little tamil.

I think this year the party will start with the Blogger's meet.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Lemonade game

I was just browsing blogs, and found an intersting game in Anu's blog. Just gave a try and managed to get $48.34 profit(initial investment $20).
Cool game!!!
Here's the link for the game if you want to try- Lemonade game

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Columbia Student chat, Info session, Class visit

Student Chat - 3/27/2006
I went slightly early to the admissions staff. Met a first year student, who will be in the student chat. Talked to him for sometime and then went to the Fin Aid office, where I met an officer and she said that its too early to discuss in detail about fin aid and just told me the basic stuff.

7 people came for the student chat. I thought there will be more students but good for us. A second year student also attended the chat. Started with the introduction of each member. No two members have the same profile/aspirations and No two of us will be in the same pool when we apply for Fall 07. An entrepreneur from India(he actually came from India and not staying here), non-profit, Consulting etc .. location wise, India, China, US, Europe.

After the introduction, different questions were asked. Questions ranged from acads, clusters, career services, housing, bidding(some interesting facts about the newly proposed bids), happy hours, study groups to finally the expectations of the chat hosts. Many are met and the others are not really negatives.

Ended the session with exchanging mail-ids.

Info Session - 3/27/2006
An admissions officer and 3 students hosted this session. Students talked in detial about their background, career aspirations and the summer interns.

Admissions officer started the presentation and whenever there is anything that is related to students such as clusters, clubs etc, current students gave examples and talked in detail. Much of the detail is already covered in our student chat, so not much new information but new thoughts from other students.

Finally the session ended with the admissions deadlines(not for Fall 07 but for Fall 06) and the admissions process. Questions are asked throughout the session.

Now time for a class visit. I looked into the class schedule and planned to visit "Fixed Income Derivatives" class. Though it is a higher level course with some prerequisities I want to attend that class. I have some knowledge about this domain so thought it will make some sence to go to this class initially and then later in the fall will go with a student host to any other class.

Class visit - 3/28/2006
Fixed Income derivatives by Prof Cord Howard(MD, Morgan Stanley) and guest lecture by Mr Lustig(MD, BlackRock).
Class lasted for some 3 1/2 hours with the first part by Mr Howard, who talked about the Inverse Floaters, Fall of "Orange County" during 1994. I was able to understand the concepts but the equations just flew above my head. Class participation is good, though not everybody participated, the professor is asking questions in between the class.

Second part is about Mortgage Backed Securities by Mr Lustig. He is hilarious, half the time all the class is laughing. I know about MBS, so class didn't look alien to me. He started the basics and then in between he talked about the recent deal between BlackRock and Merrill.

Altogether - I loved Columbia. Have a very good feeling about Columbia and I would be confortable there. Should talk to more students. esp students who are close to my profile/aspirations.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Flight tickets mishap

Finally book my flight tickets in Emirates. I thought the process is over BUT it isn't. Emirates online software made a huge error. First time, the transaction didn't go though and an error message is displayed. I tried again and booked the ticket, confirmed and talked to a representative(Indian lady, who settled in Hyd, so talked sometime about hyd :) - thanks to her, she gave me window seat closer to the business class. But this seating is for the second booking which apparently should be reverted back and they should credit my account(they didn't until now). Which company wrote the s/w for Emirates? How can they book a ticket with the same name, passport etc in the same flight. I heard from someother friend that they will block the second booking but ...

An interesting thing about Emirates/Dubai is that flight takes a little longer when it takes off from Dubai than when it is landing in Dubai. I can understand if the diff is about 1/2 hour but closer to 2 hrs, come on . May be flight is loaded with people, who are wearing gold .. hahahahahaha :P. Apparently 12% of the total money spent in Dubai airport if for buying Gold.

May be I should buy some biscuits(gold) and reduce the choclates :D. Very good gift for my sis/mom. Now I know why it takes longer :D :D